Watch Obero and our special guest, Lauren Kelley (Founder and CEO at OPEXEngine) deliver an informative virtual discussion of how your SaaS peers are measuring Sales and SalesOps - what works, what hasn't worked, and what they've learned.

OPEXEngine presented an early release of their Sales Commissions Research, while Phil Kaszuba of Obero provided commentary on how the upcoming ASC 606 regulatory change affects commission structures.

Some of the topics discussed by members during this presentation include:
  • Sales commissions structures and best practices in SaaS and tech companies;
  • How sales strategies change at various growth stages and how this affects sales commission structures
  • How the new revenue recognition and cost amortization rules will impact the incentive compensation plans and their accounting.

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Lauren Kelley
Founder and CEO, OPEXEngine

Lauren is the founder of OPEXEngine.  After 25 years in fast growth high tech companies, she founded OPEXEngine to solve the problem that high tech companies lack good quality benchmarks from a neutral provider — especially operational benchmarks  — to reduce risk and improve efficiency and growth.  Lauren is also a big believer that data and benchmarks level the playing field in decision-making, reducing all sorts of biases that can cloud management decision-making, affecting efficient growth. 

Phil Kaszuba
VP, Sales and Marketing, Obero

Phil is responsible for developing sales strategies and providing leadership to the inside and field sales teams to deliver growth results at Obero. Phil has a proven track record of successfully building sales, marketing and customer facing teams in the high tech market across software, services and product based revenue streams. Phil led teams from initial concept to successfully establishing critical reference customers and predictable, scalable revenue models.

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