Company Profile

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is commited to provide freedom and peace of mind to 6 million Members through 9 Automobile Clubs and 140 offices located across Canada offering Emergency Roadside Service, complete Automotive and Travel Services, Member Savings and comprehensive Insurance Services.

The Challenge

Complex compensation plan involving multiple tiers, union, non-union plans and payouts of various metrics. Manually calculating compensation using Excel resulting in calculation errors, data fragmentation and lack of reporting for all levels of personnel.

The Results

  • Reduced calculation time from days to 15 seconds
  • Significantly decreased number of commission errors and sales representative complaints
  • Evolved 3 full time Finance Associates to focus on value added activities rather than manually calculating incentives
  • Gain real time reporting and transparency into compensation, attainment tracking, and quota management for sales representatives, managers and executives

“Obero SPM helped us reduce monthly commission calculation from days to only 15 seconds.”

                                                         Ajay Tellis, CFO, CAA