Watch the video recording from the webinar hosted by The CFO Alliance and learn how to get prepared for accounting for your sales-related costs under ASC 606. Join Philip Kaszuba, Chief Revenue Officer, and Christopher Li, Chief Product Officer of Obero for an in-depth analysis of how subscription-based businesses can manage their incentive compensation programs to support the upcoming ASC 606 regulatory changes.

Some of the topics discussed in this video include:

  • The impact of the new revenue recognition and cost amortization rules on incentive compensation plans and their accounting.

  • 3 main reasons why ERP and billing systems will struggle to handle the requirements of the new revenue standard;

  • Automating the incentive compensation expense accounting process to be compliant with the new revenue standard.

  • Integrate incentive compensation earnings and payouts with incentive compensation accounting.

  • How to dynamically true-up incentive compensation capitalization and amortization balances due to contract and/or subscription changes.

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