Company Profile

Avtex provides professional services and strategic consulting encompassing a full 360° suite of solutions including user experience design, application development, unified communications, contact centers, portals, business intelligence, and customer relationship management. Driven by technology know-how and passionate about customer experience, Avtex is uniquely qualified to help clients deliver exceptional experiences to their customers using technology.

The Challenge

Managing complex compensation for various roles and introducing new plans based on recurring revenue models. Manually calculating compensation using Excel resulting in calculation errors, data fragmentation and lack of reporting for all levels of personnel.

The Results

Avtex was able to reduce the amount of time spent calculating commissions, reduced 2 weeks of manual calculations each month. They now have the ability to support commission management for any type of recurring and non-recurring revenue. Avtex can now support complex commission schedules based on recognized revenue and other related criteria spanning over multiple years.

“Obero has significantly reduced the amount of time spent calculating commissions while increasing the accuracy of the output. We are very pleased with the product as well as with the support behind it.”

Carol Morgan, Sales Operations Manager, Avtex